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360° filming - the full spectrum of possibilities

Although 360 filming is a new field of art it is spreading at an incredible rate. Since the development of the 360 film standard in 2012, there has been a constantly increasing base of people involved in spherical filming. Thanks to the incomparable sharpness of the image, its depth, the exact filling of the observer's field of vision and the possibility of viewing 360-degree film from any desired angle, specialists in this field create works that are not only beautiful but also enhance realism. An efficiently shot and edited 360-degree image gives a strong feeling of being in the film, and the additional possibility of placing such a video in virtual space using VR goggles gives creators a huge spectrum of possibilities.

The miniaturisation of the equipment and the ability for 360 filmmakers to control it remotely is a unique opportunity to capture life's most important moments such as a wedding, christening or first Holy Communion as if we were still inside the video being played.

It is therefore the ideal tool for telling highly immersive stories. Thanks to the proper spacing of cameras and lenses during the creation of 360-degree footage, its subsequent viewers can realistically experience not only just being inside the smooth and extremely sharp video, but also notice the clearly defined perspective and depth of the world depicted. Travelling inside the 360 film, we see the differences in distance of various objects and the relations between them in exactly the same way as we know from the real world.

Capturing 360-degree videos

From a technical viewpoint, 360 films are a set of properly edited spherical panoramas created by using a number of specialised cameras. A specialist spherical filmmaker, through proper equipment calibration and lens positioning skills, is able to shoot a given scene from several points and then edit it in such a way that it can be navigated more smoothly in full 360 degrees.

This approach not only requires a great deal of experience and understanding of this new technology, but also the need to use specialised equipment. In order to record high-quality, realistic spherical panoramas, equipment working with HDR technology and 12K native resolution is used.

The uses of spherical films

Thanks to the enormous technological potential and extraordinary quality of spherical films, they offer a full spectrum of possibilities for both commercial and non-commercial use.

In addition to serving as an amazing souvenir of important life events, 360 films are often used as virtual walk-throughs showing the interiors of companies, premises or restaurants. The ability to get inside a building and see the architectural or design craftsmanship without leaving your home is a huge advantage in industries related to catering, construction, finishing, design or real estate.

Spherical publications and virtual walk-throughs are also an excellent option for hotels, resorts, SPAs, fitness clubs, gyms or beauty salons wishing to present in a realistic and natural way the richness of their offer or the standards maintained in their interiors.

The possibility of presenting the interior is also a daring proposition for companies, especially those connected with new technologies or advertising who want to show their openness to clients on the one hand, and the norms and standards of working on various assignments in a creative atmosphere on the other.

By working with various technologies such as multichannel and ambisonic sound and slow motion, it is possible to create high-quality multimedia presentations which demonstrate the operation of complex mechanisms, processes or which act as instructional videos.

Thanks to the possibility of storyboarding 360 video and the support of a wide range of audio solutions, such films can become a great centre of entertainment, presenting artistic or humorous qualities. More and more often, spherical recordings appear as elements of music videos, promotions or even scientific papers.

Publication of spherical films

Due to the standardisation of 360 videos in 2015, we can publish our spherical videos on youtube or google. Having experience with websites, I am also able to post such videos on your website. The popularisation of social media trends also means that we can post such a video on any major social network such as google plus, facebook or tripadvisor.

360 films

Rich in colour and detail - thanks to the use of appropriate equipment, including special wide-angle lenses and appropriate post-production, we can produce films with considerable nominal resolution (up to 12K) and, as a result, also with considerable colour value, detail and clarity.

Supporting the sales process and popularising the brand - although spherical video is becoming increasingly popular, it is still something of a novelty. This makes it an effective method of promotion, guaranteeing considerable user interest. Thanks to the juxtaposition of a spherical video, which is interesting for the audience, and high-quality content on the website, we can also achieve a high conversion rate, generating more traffic to the website and activating the audience more.

Universality - thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by this format, spherical videos offer a wide range of possibilities in various industries, regardless of the medium on which they are presented. Whether published on youtube, embedded on a website or supported by VR goggles, films created using this technology always dazzle audiences with their quality and detail.
A cinematic experience within your grasp - with the ability to publish 360 video via VR systems, a well-developed storyline and binaural recording, advanced 360 filmmakers can create recordings that are reminiscent of big-budget film productions.

The latest technologies - VR, 3D, ambisonics, slow motion, multi-channel sound are just some of the technologies that can be used to create 360 films.
A new perspective on photography - spherical photography

Spherical photography is the latest technology and an excellent tool for focusing users' attention. What better to appeal to the potential viewer's consciousness than to realistically place him or her in the middle of the action: a concert, a business meeting, a virtual tour, a wedding or a performance?

It is not only a high-quality souvenir of a specific event or an opportunity to record an original event, but also a way to sell services, goods or promotion. Spherical photography and 360 films are currently being used by event companies all over the country, but also by companies connected with the hospitality, design, construction, education, leisure or even medical sectors.



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