Can the client TRUST you?

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So let`s talk about trust. As you know, I`m from Poland. Here, trust is an absolutely fundamental basis of all relations. Yeah, the business relations as well. At the early beginning of my digital marketing path, I`ve seen many stories where trust went away. I`ve drawn my own conclusions from it.

When we are talking about TRUST, let`s say, the same situation is between your business and clitents, or your business and Google (or other algorithms. If I asked you, what means "TRUST", I believe I could get a lot of comments, and definitions. Go on, please write to me in a comment-what does it mean to You? "TRUST".

As a digital marketing specialist, I can say, we have some factors that make your business worth TRUST, and believe me, it is good to know about them.


Safe surf. SSL Certificate.

Hah, I remember times, when the SSL certificate was luxurious. A long time ago, there were many websites, e-commerces, online stores without HTTPS on URL lines. One day, Google announced that the "every website with form has to provide an encrypted connection between user and host". What does it mean? Simply: all URLs, in which you share some data (adress, card number, name, anything) should be encrypted.

Now it is easy peasy. We have "letsencrypt" or "cloudflare" which provides free, stable and safe SSL encryption. Many hosts offer integration with "letsencrypt" for free. For then, it is a game that is worth winning-they took huge quantity of good clients as their reward.

Believe me, almost every website I took to my workshop desk has unsafe links without HTTPS. Sometimes it is 2% sometimes almost 40% of total inbound links. But why?

Imagine the situation, where you have some store. A client comes to you, picks some goods and goes to the checkout table. Suddenly, he feels uncomfortable and leaves your store. Never come back. Tell its friends to never come to your store. That is how it works with algorithmsms, and your clients.

NAP data.

NAP is a shortcode "Name Adress Phone". It is good to show your clients, and Google, that your business is not a ghost in the clouds. It really doesn`t matter: are you offering some service, or goods to buy-your clients need to know, that you are not some chinese scum.

When we are talking about NAP, it is necessary to know that it is not related just to your website. Remember about Google My Business, Yellow pages as well.


Does your site provide documents that are related to GDPR policy, shipping of goods, return procedure, warranty procedure?

Yes, it should not be hidden. I prefer to do it in two ways: provide text in HTML on websites, and allow to download documents in the PDF format. It looks professional, and it is professional.


Here, in Poland, it is a huge problem. We are still learning to be proud of our success. To be aware of our success. Some people, that offer some service, for example haircut, win some awards "best haircut place in the city". Why not inform clients "hey, you are in the best place nearby". It is very important to be the best, and to let your clients know about it.

E-A-T it.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is a special algorithm that is related to YMYL (Your Money Your Life). YMYL is about websites for money and health categories. But, E-A-T touches all websites.

Imagine, some client comes to your store. Let`s say, highly professional music store. Imagine a lot of best quality piano, and in a special exhibition wardrobe you present the Stravidarius Violin. A client comes to your store, and the selling team, your selling team, knows nothing about music and instruments. They know just what is the product ID and price. Sounds familiar?

Is there any argument for authorizing you to duplicate those mistakes in your e-commerce? I don`t think so. Wirte the blog, some info pages. Let your client believe, that you are real high authority in your line.

Social proof.

Another way to improve your authoritativeness is by collecting any kind of social proff arguments: certificates, public speech, references. It is especially worthwhile in the YMYL business (finance, law, health, medicine, money).

In conclusion:

It is a very, very short look on trust theme in online business. I believe trust is not something to get once, it is something worth taking care of. Finally, when you get a new lead and it transforms into relations, it is good to thank your new business partner for the trust that has been given to you.

So thanks a lot, for trust, and reading this text to the end. I`m sure it helped a bit to take a new look at your website and how you drive new relations in online business.


by me