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Barnaba Madrecki

Do You not know where to look for new customers? You need to increase sales, but you have no idea how to do it? Have you ever felt that you and your business are able to do more?

Please contact me, so I can analyze your online activities. I will check what can be improved, what can be changed, and what is not worth wasting your budget on. This is a decision that can change your business - get to know the new dimension of consulting!

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SEO and SEM consultations which are focused on you and your success

My proposition is really very simple - no contracts, no commitments. Do you know why? Because it's about you and your problems that need to be solved. I am an entrepreneur myself, I know that this is not an easy piece of cake, I understand what you have to face.

During the one-hour consultation, I will verify your current activities or the activities of your competition, draw conclusions and propose some ideas that you can use to start develop your business. You'll be surprised that 60 minutes can change a lot. It's a new dimension of SEO and SEM consulting.

✔️ Quick website audit
✔️ Visibility report
✔️ Linking report
✔️ Simple Google Ads Audit
✔️ Basic data analysis from Google Analytics
✔️ Offsite activities - overview
✔️ Marketing strategy

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Quick website audit

A review of your website will allow me to catch errors due to which it does not fulfill its function - information and sales. I will analyze the published content, but also basic technical aspects.

Visibility report

In my work, I use many professional tools that support me during the analysis. As part of our SEO consultations, you will receive a visibility report of your website prepared in one of the two most valued tools designed for this purpose - Ahrefs or Semrush.

What's more, I will also prepare a visibility report for your competition. Armed with such knowledge, you will be able to take a number of actions that will help you catch up with your main competitors in a relatively short time.

Linking report

Inbound linking is extremely important in the context of the position of your website in search results. A simple report will show us whether you have taken care of this important aspect so far.

The same applies to your competition - we will check what their link profile looks like, we will find out what places on the web are worth paying attention to. This will help you e.g. during the subsequent development of the SEO strategy.

A simple Google Ads audit

Although positioning is important, you should not forget about paid advertising campaigns, e.g. Google Ads. To put it simply - we will click through the settings of your campaigns, check if they are properly optimized. You can count on a lot of tips.

Basic data analysis from Google Analytics

Information is a real treasure. The same is true of the data you can find in Google Analytics. I will check if your data is being collected properly. I will check who comes to your website, from where and what devices they use. This is valuable knowledge that is worth acquiring.

Offsite activities - overview

Your website is not everything, the activities carried out outside it also count. I'll show you how to optimize your Google My Business listing and explain where to appear online to encourage potential customers to contact you.

Marketing strategy

I'm an SEO expert, but I know internet marketing as well. I will prepare a series of tips for you, thanks to which in the future you will create an effective marketing strategy much faster

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Barnaba Mądrecki — a specialist you can always count on.

Positioning, Internet marketing - these are the main areas I deal with on a daily basis. For many years I have been helping entrepreneurs develop their businesses, gain new customers, increase sales and profits. I work with large companies (e.g. MyLead), smaller ones, but also with reputable agencies (Verseo, Semcore). SEO Consultations is my new proposal addressed to all people who care about cooperation with a trustworthy partner. In a short time you will find out that it is worth working with me.

There are many experts whose capabilities end where practice begins. Yes, theory is important, pure knowledge helps us in action. But believe me, only a combination of both - many years of experience and knowledge gained through training, books and consultations can work wonders. I sincerely hope that you will contact me so that I can help you. I will be very pleased if you join the group of my clients.

SEO, SEM consultations - huge help that will give direction to your actions

Remember – not every problem is the same and not every problem requires many months of hard work. Sometimes it's enough just to look at certain issues from a different perspective or just with the proverbial fresh head. You don't always have to use the help of huge agencies, sign multi-month (and sometimes long-term) contracts. The solution may be the format I propose - hourly SEO, SEM consultations.

My proposal stands out among other: that I do not require any contracts, subscriptions. This is a one-time paid meeting during which I will verify your actions and tell you what you should do to get you out of the hole. We will talk about your situation and in the end I will try to show you new direction of digital marketing concepts. And that's it, everything is fully transparent, maximally safe and, above all, effective.

I will check what it is going on your website

I don't know if you realize it, but a website is much more than just a few graphics and texts. In order for it to stuck up with your competitors, it must not only be properly designed, but above all filled with an appropriate content. I will analyze its construction, check whether it has been equipped with solutions that will allow it to fight for the highest position in Google search results. This is necessary so that you can efficiently implement the outlined SEO strategy.

Fine feathers make fine birds. The visibility report

I have already mentioned the professional tools that I use, but I did not say how great their possibilities are. The visibility report will not only show you what positions we occupy in the search results for specific phrases, but with proper analysis it will also give a clear idea of ​​what to do to go up. This is valuable knowledge, especially in the context of SEO strategy, which should be a map of your further actions related to positioning.

The same applies to your competition, whose positions we will thoroughly screen. You will not only be aware of how other companies operating in the same industry are doing, but you will also find out which of them are your direct competitors for particular phrases. Perhaps it sounds complicated now, but during the SEO/SEM consultation I will not leave you alone, but I will explain exactly how to read the prepared report and what it can give you.

From where and to where, so how to link to get better position

The Internet is an endless network of connections. Your website does not exist in a vacuum, so it is important that it is connected with the right domains. I will conduct an analysis and then present a report from which we will find out which pages link to yours and which you link to. Based on this data, I will tell you what steps you should take to ensure that the link building of your website brings the expected results.

We will also check your competition, specifically those companies with which you want to rival for customers and which are high in search results. I'll check where they're linking to their business pages and possibly recommend copying their linking profile. Regardless of the outcome of this basic audit, you will gain a lot of knowledge, and this knowledge is always valuable.

Google Ads advertising system

You probably use Google Ads. No wonder, it can be safely assumed that almost every business online is supported by this type of promotional solutions. However, I don't know if you realize that the cost of such ads depends on their proper optimization. With the right knowledge, it can be significantly reduced. I will check your ad account, campaign settings as well as ad creatives. I am confident that I will be able to give you at least a few tips that will help you reduce the budget needed for your operation.

All for data. Google Analytics in all its glory

The Google Analytics platform is a powerful tool that is really worth using. It offers a whole lot of valuable data, but for it to be useful, you need to know how to interpret it. Fortunately, I know how to do it, what to pay attention to and what to skip. During the SEO consultation, we will analyze the available information together. They will be a huge support and - I know from experience - they will help us understand a lot of processes taking place on or around your website.

Offsite activities - supposedly off-site, but not entirely...

It's true that offsite activities happen outside of your website, but they also have a huge impact on your website. I will help you take care of two extremely important issues. The first is the Google My Business listing. You will learn how to properly optimize it, as well as what to pay attention to when running it. What to publish, how and when. Believe me, such a business card is a tool that you cannot miss in your SEO strategy.

The second issue concerns the places on the Internet where you could promote your brand, products or services. I will show you external portals where it is advisable to publish sponsored articles, I will point out blogs where it is worth trying to get a guest post. This approach will result in increasing the visibility of your company on the web in a short time.

SEO strategy is not everything, so bet on marketing as well

SEO is important, but it is most visible in a number of marketing activities. Based on the data obtained (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Ahrefs, Semrush, website audit, etc.), I will propose some ideas that, in my opinion, will benefit your business. Soon you will be more conscious and your next actions will be based on analysis and hard data, and you will not use only just assumptions.

Once again, I encourage you to cooperate with digital marketing consultant

I`m surethat thanks to me you will gain a full picture of your company on the web. Online business is changing fast, so there may not be a second chance. Don't wait, get the support of an digital marketing consultant today!

I cordially invite you to do so.

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