GenAI is coming: Prepare your digital marketing strategy for the zero-click world

Navigating the AI-Powered SEO Landscape: Insights from a Marketing Consultant


As someone deeply entrenched in the marketing sphere, I've witnessed firsthand the pivotal role SEO and content have played in shaping the success of businesses in Insight’s portfolio. However, the winds of change are blowing. The forward-thinkers, the visionaries of today's startups, have started voicing a common query: "How will generative AI influence our search results?"

As an digital marketing consultant, I can attest that the changes on the horizon are not merely incremental - they're revolutionary.

Meet Generative AI, fondly dubbed GenAI by aficionados. This is not just another tech buzzword. We're looking at a seismic shift in the user search experience. But the ripple doesn't stop at the user. The entire startup ecosystem, especially the burgeoning scaleups, will feel the reverberations. A potential consequence? A noticeable drop in company web traffic and a need to reevaluate those tried-and-true GTM strategies.

Let's take a moment to consider recent experiments out of Google Labs. These experimental forays, to me, are the canary in the coal mine. Google's trajectory is clear: we're moving towards an era dominated by zero-click searches.

However, challenge often breeds opportunity. The impending AI-infused SEO landscape may seem daunting, but it's also rife with potential for those nimble enough to adapt. As the contours of search evolve, savvy founders can seize this moment to innovate, stand out, and lead the charge.

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying stagnant is not an option. Let's embrace the AI-driven future of SEO and craft strategies that not only adapt but thrive. The next chapter of SEO is being written, and it's an exciting one!

Unpacking the Zero-Click Search Phenomenon: A Marketing Consultant's Take

In the vibrant tapestry of digital marketing, the patterns constantly evolve. One of the most intriguing shifts I've observed lately? The rise of the zero-click search. So, let's dive in: What exactly is this?

Imagine initiating a search and getting the precise answers you're seeking directly on the search engine results page, without the need to delve into any links. Users now glean insights from snippets, skim through headlines, or interact with maps and local listings, all without a single click. Quite the evolution, right?

Now, if we go by the latest 2022 SEM Rush data, a staggering half of Google searches fell into this zero-click category. And guess what? This trend isn't plateauing; it's on an upward trajectory. With the emergence of genAI and the looming presence of genAI-focused competitors, Google is further propelled into this zero-click realm.

Despite numerous challengers, Google remains the undisputed kingpin of search engines. And they're not resting on their laurels. With experiments involving generative AI to directly answer search queries, Google is once again redefining the search game. If you haven't yet experienced this, I'd strongly suggest diving into Google Search Labs and requesting access. Why? Because this isn't just a fleeting trend; it's poised to reshape the very fabric of online search.

So, my fellow marketers, it's time to recalibrate, stay updated, and harness the potentials of this new frontier in search. The future beckons!

The future of Google's results page.

GenAI is coming: Prepare your digital marketing strategy for the zero-click world


Google has dubbed this the Search Generative Experience (SGE). Harnessing data from various organic search outcomes, it employs Google's LLM to craft a coherent response to a user's query, eliminating the need to click on any results page links. Essentially, this is an advanced evolution of the Featured Snippets function. Notably, SGE leans on the Featured Snippets algorithm for its text generation.

GenAI is coming: Prepare your digital marketing strategy for the zero-click world

The Future of Google's Results Page: A Marketer's Insight

Step aside, traditional search methods – Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) is here to redefine the game. Through SGE, Google doesn't just give you a simple answer. Instead, it pulls together information from a plethora of sources to provide a comprehensive, robust response. Moreover, it curates this in a conversational tone, catering to in-depth inquiries. And while links aren't going anywhere, they've taken a backseat to make the interaction more seamless.

Now, let's cast our gaze onto the horizon – to what the Google results page might look like in the near future. A noticeable shift is afoot. A considerable chunk of screen space, which was once dominated by organic and paid search results, is now gradually being overtaken by Google's proprietary search features.

GenAI is coming: Prepare your digital marketing strategy for the zero-click world

Current scheme of SERP


GenAI is coming: Prepare your digital marketing strategy for the zero-click world

Generative AI SERP in the near future



But what does this mean for brands and marketers?

As Google continues its innovative streak, a few things are certain. While the tech giant might be cautious about tinkering too much with its ad revenue (unless competitors apply pressure), the space for organic search might find itself in a crunch. Organic search results, which have been a staple for marketers and brands, may soon be jostling for visibility in an increasingly crowded arena.

In this evolving landscape, as a seasoned marketing consultant, I'd advise businesses to stay agile, keep an eye on these shifts, and be prepared to adapt. The Google results page is changing, and with it, our strategies must evolve too.

Stay ahead of the curve and embrace the new search era. The future promises to be an exciting ride!


Google's Search Evolution: A Deep Dive into SGE's Influence

As a seasoned marketing consultant, I've keenly watched the transformative journey of Google's results page. Let's juxtapose the current layout against its SGE-driven counterpart, shall we? On one side (the classic left view), Google generously allocates screen space to organic links. Contrast that with the SGE-powered layout (the fresh right perspective), and there's a noticeable shrinkage in real estate dedicated to organic search results.

However, the shift isn't just superficial.

Delving into Insight's meticulous research, a fascinating trend emerges. Merely 57% of the links SGE refers to actually hail from the maiden page of organic results. That's right! The stalwarts that traditionally reign supreme in our conventional searches aren't necessarily the stars in the SGE context.

Let’s spice this up with another tidbit: the top-notch link in SGE aligns with the premier organic link a mere 12% of the time. Even more intriguing? In nearly 45% of the cases, the SGE-cited link doesn't even break into the organic top 10!

So, what does this mean for marketers and netizens alike? Should user behavior pivot towards the SGE model, shifting reading habits and click patterns, we might be on the brink of a seismic shift in digital traffic and audience engagement.

The future of search is evolving, and as digital strategists, we must be agile, adaptable, and always in-the-know. Buckle up, because the world of SEO and search behavior is in for an exhilarating ride!

Navigating the SEO Evolution: A Guide for Scaling Companies

Hey there, fellow growth enthusiasts! As a marketing consultant who's been navigating the digital waves for years, I've got some insights to share on the seismic shifts underway in the world of SEO, especially for our ambitious scaleup comrades.

The Winds of Change in SEO

Decoding the Future of Search: Navigating Declines & Shifting Ad Landscapes

Hello, digital pioneers! As we're navigating the labyrinth of search, there's a fresh wind blowing, and I'm here to shed some light on what lies ahead for businesses, especially in the wake of Google's SGE (Search Generative Experience) evolution.

The Decline in Web Traffic: What You Should Know

First up, brace yourselves for a potential dip in search traffic – by as much as 25%. The shift towards a 'zero-click' environment is monumental, with fewer users landing on your site. Insight's comprehensive data analysis, coupled with the collective wisdom of industry gurus, suggests an estimated drop between 15-25%. Now, while some of this traffic might not have translated to revenue, there's no denying that a significant chunk might have.

There's a common narrative suggesting that since Featured Snippets didn't drastically affect SEO traffic, SGE shouldn't rattle us either. However, comparing them might be like comparing apples to oranges. Here's why: Featured Snippets graced only 18% of search results. In stark contrast, SGE is being rolled out extensively, covering all non-sensitive and apolitical queries. With SGE pooling information from diverse sources and providing enriched context, the probability of users clicking through could diminish. And, with Google offering a nifty conversational feature for follow-up queries, those click-through rates might just take another hit.

This dwindling traffic can cascade across various business metrics. While leads might see an uptick in quality, their overall numbers could slide. Retargeting campaigns might be peering through a narrower window, and even brand awareness measurements could experience a slight tremor.

Ripples in the Paid Search Pond

As we dive deeper, here's another tidbit. The SGE-centric pages seem more frugal with ad spaces – averaging 1.2 ads compared to the earlier 2.4. And while Google might be hesitant to trim its ad-generated revenue, competitors like Bing, Claude, and the novel ChatGPT are offering intriguing alternatives. So, if Google does relent to some pressure, it's unlikely they'll replenish ad slots in abundance.

What's the upshot for businesses? Prepare for intensified bidding wars, with ad space at a premium. Brands that haven't diversified their paid demand channels might find themselves on shaky ground.

In wrapping up, as search dynamics evolve, it's imperative for businesses to remain agile, innovate, and more importantly, anticipate. The SEO and ad landscapes are in flux – but with foresight, strategy, and a bit of resilience, we can weather the shifts and set sail toward prosperous horizons. Stay tuned and stay ahead!

Google's algorithmic dance has always kept us on our toes. Remember the 2011 'Panda' whirlwind? eHow sure does – they saw a staggering 50% drop in traffic, while their adversary, Wikihow, grabbed the spotlight. Now, with the dawn of GenAI, we're teetering on the brink of another transformative moment in search engine optimization. A heads-up for all you SEO mavens out there: The game's evolving. While SEO isn't riding into the sunset, its avatar is morphing in significant ways.

Content Creation in the GenAI Era

As we grapple with these changes, content strategists, it's time to regroup and rethink. The SGE landscape demands content that not only ranks but resonates and entices clicks. So, where should your focus lie?

Perhaps it's the multimedia realm – diving into engaging video productions or insightful podcasts. Or, consider syndicating your content, weaving alliances with third-party platforms to broaden reach. An angle that especially intrigues me is prioritizing independent research. Offering GenAI a fresh, unique perspective to cite could be a winning move.

However, a word of caution: This isn't the era for mass-producing content using genAI as your workhorse. Precision is the name of the game. Adopt a strategy that evolves with the times and champions quality over sheer volume.

To sum it up, while the SEO and content terrains are undeniably shifting, with adaptability and innovation, scaleups can not only weather the storm but emerge as pioneers in this new era. Let's embrace change and chart the path forward, together!


SGE and The Future of Search: A CEO's Action Plan

Greetings fellow trailblazers! With the tremors in the world of search caused by Google's SGE, it's crucial we don't merely stand as spectators. This seismic shift demands we're not just prepared but ahead of the curve. So, as we prepare to navigate this rapidly changing landscape, here's a leadership roadmap to ensure you're not just reactive, but proactive and real. Let's delve in!

???? Anticipate the Wave: Know Before It Hits
Trustworthy insiders at Google hint that a soft launch of SGE, catering to less than 1% of users, will grace us in Q4. But, with competitive winds blowing from Bing and ChatGPT, a massive deployment is expected by 2024. Now's the moment for CEOs and founders to craft a concrete plan, ensuring 2024's growth trajectory isn't disrupted.

???? Brace & Strategize: A Three-Pronged Approach

Dive Deep: Be Engaged

Haven't tested SGE yet? Time to hop on to Google Search Labs!
How's your brand faring in this new world? Execute branded and non-branded searches through SGE.
For more insights, give Bing's chat search a whirl.
Remember, it's a team sport. Get your squad familiar with SGE.


Stay Ahead: Be Proactive

Forge your SEO and SEM war room; it's time for hands-on deck, not autopilot.
Partnering with an agency? Dive in with them to ensure your strategy remains cutting-edge.
Diversify your ad game. Explore platforms like LinkedIn; don't solely bank on SEO and SEM.
Ensure your brand's narrative is on point in SGE. Engage in public communities, drive positive advocacy.
Know your battleground: Define your core keyword domains to safeguard and those you'll go after.


Ground Yourself: Be Real

Measure potential traffic risks. If you're in Insight's circle, we've got a tailor-made scorecard (grab yours here). If not, create your metric system.
Scrutinize your lead and revenue streams; dissect how much is channeled through SEO and SEM.
Ponder over all aspects of your GTM strategy that might feel the ripple effects, and devise backup plans.
In conclusion, the terrain of search is morphing, and it's essential we not just adapt but thrive. As we brace for this new dawn, it's your leadership, foresight, and adaptability that will steer the ship. Remember, in the digital age, evolution is the only constant. Ready to ride the wave? ????