Mission: Black Friday Breakthrough - The Ultimate Marketing Strategy for Digital Domination

Mission: Black Friday Breakthrough

Bllack Friday TODO List

Keep your uniqueness in mind.


The Internet is full of information about where Black Friday came from, with comparisons to sales in the US after Christmas. No doubt, Black Friday has climbed permanently into the calendar of pre-Christmas shopping, planned renovations .... but are Black Friday activities on the calendar of online marketing managers? There is plenty to fight for, just from the digital marketing consultant!

Bllack Friday TODO List

Plan, plan and plan again. Black Friday is not just one day!

The last thing you can do is spread another general discount on Black Friday. Just like that. Overwhelming the customer with another discount is the last move a savvy marketer will make.
It is necessary to carefully lay out your marketing calendar in terms of your promotion calendar so as not to diminish the relative effect of a sizable price reduction.
If you send out a weekly newsletter with deals and information on promotions, slow down. You'll get the WOW effect in the run-up to Black Friday.

Define your goals and tasks.

What success means to you may not be so to someone else. Every marketer defines it differently. In web positioning, sometimes the goal is to keep the reader's attention until the end of the article, and sometimes to increase sales of a specific product. Everyone sees their ambitious goals and their constituent completed tasks differently. It is worth taking a few moments to determine the key metrics to be achieved.

Choose the right products. Don't push yourself on Black Friday with the entire assortment

It's known that it's easy to get carried away by emotions, and lower prices to increase sales. However, be mindful of your profits. Focusing on cutting down your profit margins for the sake of gaining a few extra sales conversions is not worth your effort. Doing so will cost you more in the long run. Consider the increased cost of handling sales, returns.

Act creatively and in advance.

As soon as the clock strikes midnight on Black Friday, the biggest brands will already be in full swing and generating sales right away. But do you need a big budget to compete for customers with the biggest?
Make sure you plan your marketing campaigns creatively, content marketing works across multiple communication channels. Make sure social media, blogs, landing page, discount codes work. Check this well in advance so that later you can only focus on automating processes. Plan ahead for what works and test when you can.

Build tension. Black Friday is a long time coming - take advantage of it!

At a time when everything is served immediately, on a platter, it's worth building suspense. For example, a week before Black Friday, send customers a newsletter and post on Social Media that you remember Black Friday and are preparing promotions.

Ponform front-line personnel.

An inflow of orders and inquiries related to Black Friday, can trigger an increase in requests to contact customer service staff. So make sure you have a staff well equipped to handle Black Friday promotions.
Answer phone calls promptly and courteously, respond to emails at a good pace and in a concise and specific manner. Use live chat to make communication with Black Friday customers easier and more efficient.

Optimize sales channels for conversions.

Once you have invested a lot of time and effort to get customers to your product pages, and you don't want to lose them - conduct a conversion rate verification. Make sure your product pages include a CTA, and everything necessary to make a buying decision (product specification information, visual cues, inventory, etc.).

Clearly define the return procedure.

Online trading has its own rules. The biggest barrier affecting sellers seems to be the returns process. Regardless of how you want to handle returns, make sure your returns policy is open and clear on all product pages and service pages.

Make sure your site can handle the increased traffic.

Even if you don't anticipate a huge increase in visitors verify your server's capabilities. Make sure you have a backup plan.

Not sure what kind of flop you're facing? In 2020, an online site couldn't handle the opening of a Xiaomi showroom.

Be patient.

If you are lucky, you will get new users, new customers. You can use this to establish a positive relationship - even if they don't make a purchase.

Implement re marketing ads, analyze abandoned shopping cart.

Make contact with new customers.

Once you've gone through the process of attracting new customers, don't ignore them. When the dust settles after the commotion of Black Friday, suggest that they follow you on social media channels, ask them to create UGC, for example, in the form of writing product reviews

Expand your sales network.

The possibilities of the sites are endless. Conduct parallel sales on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, - create posts with shopping opportunities on Facebook and Instagram

Be prepared for the night shift.

Remember that even if you work from 8am to 4pm, your customers will be looking for occasions as early as midnight.

Be prepared to work non-standard hours - around the clock. Ensure safe and secure Internet connections for you and your employees

Study, analyze, repeat.

After Black Friday, analyze what happened, don't be afraid to define failure - only if you define it precisely will you avoid a repeat at the next promotional event. Define what was successful - it is possible that you will be able to increase your success.
Practically as soon as Black Friday is over, you can start preparing for the next year. With a lot of fresh information in mind, use it to make precise adjustments and optimizations.

Keep your uniqueness in mind

Don't try to duplicate your competitor's solution or follow the crowd at all costs. Remember what sets you apart and what makes you uniquely valuable