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Chocolate Gifts: Cracking the Code to Google Ads Success

This article is about what to do when seemingly nothing can be done anymore. Illusory. 

Call digital marketing consultant : - )I have started to look into Google Ads campaigns, which have a budget of around EUR 250K per year. Many campaigns, phrases, audience groups. Auditing a Google Ads account took a lot of time and effort.

The Renaissance of Google Ads Optimization for Chocolate Gift Products

My attention was drawn to a product campaign. The operation of this campaign involved the bulk of the allocated economic resources. This campaign also generated a lot of conversions in terms of percentage. So I had all the indications to lean into the campaign and try to optimise it.

Although my client was managed by an external agency specialising in Google Ads, it turned out that there was virtually everything to optimise.

Due to the form of the campaign, this article will be more technical.

Why the Original Single Table Approach Was Not Effective

The entire product campaign works off the chart. My client, a chocolate manufacturer actually sold not so much chocolate, but chocolate gifts. He had the entire product Google Ads running based on a single, sparse table. Full stop.

The rest of the article is an elaboration of the above paragraph.  

How to Create Separate Google Ads Product Campaigns for Different Occasions

What got me thinking in the first place was why gifts for multiple occasions-like Grandma's Day, Women's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween-are all packed into one file.

How to Tailor Product Names, Descriptions, and Image File Names and Addresses to Target Phrases

So I started to adapt the material to the content of the adverts and the purchase intention. In a nutshell, if we have a product called 'chocolate tools' (which is a chocolate toolkit), then for the purposes of Google Ads it makes sense to tailor it to different occasions e.g:

  • father's day chocolate tools
  • chocolate tools for boyfriend's day
  • chocolate tools for children's day 

In the new prepared table, I described the products according to the "old" key- product ID. The rest of the data, such as the product name, description were edited under the key phrase related to ads. In addition, I also optimized the graphics. I pulled the graphic files onto the subdomain and named them to also include the supported phrase. And so the graphics of the example product are no longer pulled from the product card, but from a dedicated location:

In the process of preparing graphics, it is worth going one step further. In product advertising, multiple files are allowed. In simple terms, the more ad options that are used, the more placements that are consistently aligned with the purchase intent (phrase) the better. 

How to Increase the Relevance of Your Ad Content to Target Phrases

Then I`ve prepared tables for further different occasions. The original situation was a single table with listed products and minimal data.

Ultimately, each Google Ads product campaign was handled by a separate table. This dedicated separate table contained appropriately adapted product names, descriptions and image file names and addresses - so as to further increase the relevance of the ad content to the target phrases.


 The final the article came down to an invocation of the old saying:

that if something is for everything, it's for nothing.

However a full year of billing has not yet passed, but comparing year to year month to month, there is a noticeable reduction in click-through rates. Although the example discussed Another positive effect is the increase in the effectiveness of advertising itself.