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Barnaba Madrecki

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High efficiency through manual and automated operations

I use automated campaigns and AI to extract precise customer insights. Then I create precisely dedicated campaigns that are optimised for specific audiences and products. With this strategy, you cost-effectively test new sales growth opportunities. Your campaigns generate maximum revenue at minimum cost

Permanent full technical support

I perform all campaigns myself. Write to me or call me - you get in touch with your Google Ads specialist.

Any budget

Whatever your budget is, I do my work with the same care. We bill for the creation of the campaign or the optimisation of the campaign. I do not take a percentage commission on the budget you allocate to your business.

Comprehensive Google Ads Management Services

Search Network Advertising:

Tailored campaigns in Google's search network, ensuring your ads appear to potential customers actively searching for your products or services.

Display Network Advertising:

Engage with a wider audience through visually appealing ads across Google's extensive display network.


Reconnect with visitors who have previously interacted with your website, enhancing conversion opportunities through targeted ads.

Google Shopping Ads:

Showcase your products directly in Google's search results, driving traffic and sales with product-specific ads.

YouTube Advertising:

Leverage the power of video content by placing your ads on YouTube, reaching a diverse and engaged audience.

Each service is designed to maximize your online presence and drive results, with continuous optimization and performance tracking.


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